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CoinCart is a SaaS tool designed to simplify the payment processing, accounting and information collection for ICOs and digital asset sales. CoinCart’s enterprise grade infrastructure lets startups easily collect purchaser documents, approve purchasers for AML/KYC, accept purchases in multiple cryptocurrencies and manage ERC20 wallet info for purchasers through one platform.


After launching the ICO, the team at BTC Inc got a firsthand look at the pain points and challenges of running a successful token sale. During this process, they noticed that many different ICO projects were reinventing the wheel by building custom e-commerce and checkout software. The vision for CoinCart emerged from a desire to streamline the ICO process with an easily accessible software toolkit, offering a simple solution for payment processing, accounting, document collection from purchasers and a flexible method for getting the next wave of decentralized projects off the ground, no matter where they come from.


September 2017 — BTC Labs begins building the CoinCart platform.

December 2017 — CoinCart launches its first sale.

May 2018 — CoinCart’s client base reaches over 30 projects.

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