Professional intelligence for the far-reaching impacts of blockchain technology


Through an enterprise-focused news website, an industry-leading print publication and an annual event series, the Distributed suite explores the business cases, technical considerations, regulatory approaches and projects that are shaping the intersection of enterprise business and blockchain technology.


As blockchain technology grew more powerful and popular, BTC Inc found that Bitcoin Magazine had to cover detailed topics and far-reaching applications that were ultimately not connected to the financial sphere of cryptocurrencies. It saw decentralized pilot projects achieve high-level investments with the goal of reinvigorating fields as various as healthcare, energy, law and media. The Distributed brand was conceived as a way to inform more people in the business world about the massive potential of blockchain technology through a dedicated media suite.


November 2015 — The Distributed Ledger newsletter is launched as an opt-in, weekly email with detailed features on enterprise blockchain developments and related news from around the web.

June 2016 — The inaugural Distributed: Trade conference is held in St. Louis, bringing together decentralized disruptors and legacy executives and launching the Distributed Event Series.

October 2016 — The inaugural Distributed Health conference is held in Nashville, quickly establishing itself as the central meeting point for blockchain enthusiasts and healthcare professionals seeking to reduce inefficiencies and improve operations in their field.

February 2017 — The first issue of the Distributed print magazine, the first-ever publication dedicated to the intersection of blockchain technology and enterprise business, is released.

July 2018 — Distributed 2018 is held in San Francisco with support from ConsenSys and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, introducing the brand’s flagship event for connecting the world’s blockchain leaders.