How we turned Gem into thought leaders in the healthcare industry

The Challenge

When the distributed ledger space was still in its infancy, Gem, an enterprise blockchain platform provider, sought to differentiate its presence. While its technology was cutting edge and its team second-to-none, the relative infancy of the blockchain sector made it difficult to position its offerings to customers who could easily understand the benefits.

So Gem turned to BTC Studios to leverage its insider knowledge of distributed business and the direction the space was moving. To deliver on their request, we decided to build them an entirely new market.

Our Position

With first-to-market knowledge and unrivaled brand-building expertise as one of the first creative agency’s in the crypto and blockchain space, BTC Studios was uniquely positioned to translate Gem’s technical prowess into a suite of offerings that enterprise customers could appreciate.

By leveraging the connections BTC Inc had made as a market leader and the highly-respected platforms BTC Media had established, BTC Studios would be able to get Gem’s message to the people who mattered most in trustworthy ways.

The Solution

To differentiate Gem’s blockchain platform and develop an audience that would require and trust their solutions, BTC Studios established the now-robust decentralized healthcare market.

In 2015, BTC Media had launched its Distributed brand, a suite of media properties that were the first to serve the intersection of blockchain technology and enterprise business. One of its biggest topics for reporting was the intersection blockchain solutions and healthcare, an industry with massive pain points that was in desperate need of more efficient platforms. Its flagship newsletter, The Distributed Ledger, brought this news directly to tens of thousands of inboxes around the world. With a sponsorship from Gem, the company’s new brand traveled along with it.

Later that year, BTC Media began elevating blockchain-related healthcare content through its syndication partnership with Nasdaq, reaching an even wider enterprise audience. And, making the most of its respected position in the decentralized world, BTC Studios fed Gem its first healthcare client, the international conglomerate Philips.

In another fundamental step toward developing the healthcare blockchain market, BTC Studios engineered a partnership with Hyperledger to establish its healthcare working group in early 2016. Later that year, it worked with U.S. Health & Human Services and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to hold a “blockchain challenge,” one of the largest to date.

Through its Distributed Event Series, BTC Media organized the world’s first conference dedicated to distributed ledger technology and healthcare. It attracted healthcare executives from around the world and Gem’s brand and messaging were omnipresent, with its CEO providing a keynote address, and several fruitful connections between the company and the emerging decentralized healthcare market were made.

Gem was a sponsor of our first annual 24-hour hackathon in which participants competed to build on top of GemOS

By late 2016, Deloitte was predicting that 35 percent of healthcare companies were planning to deploy blockchain technology the following year. BTC Studios had successfully established a brand new market for Gem and helped position it at the epicenter. As validation of this in 2017, Gem was invited to provide a keynote presentation at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference, the world’s largest.

Expertise Gained

This experience with Gem has been one of BTC Studios’ formative lessons. It lasts as a shining example of what is possible through the agency’s unique position as an originator in the decentralized landscape and what the team can do when leveraging the full offerings provided by BTC Inc.

It’s a lesson that informs the work BTC Studios does for all of its clients, helping drive forward the blockchain and crypto ecosystem while simultaneously establishing these curated brands at its nexus.