How we launched MAD Network's $20 Million ICO

The Challenge

When MAD decided to take on the ambitious goal of creating a decentralized network for the ad tech industry — a notoriously opaque space wrought with fraud, unnecessary costs and minimal transparency — it turned to BTC Labs and BTC Studios for guidance through a successful network launch, token sale and beyond.

Our Position

From the beginning, BTC Inc knew that it would be crucial to rely on the expertise built through both BTC Labs and BTC Studios, to work closely between the two lines of business and leverage deep institutional knowledge, industry networks and decades of experience. This would ensure the successful development and execution of a concerted pre-token sale marketing and investment strategy as well as a comprehensive post-token sale marketing strategy.

The Solution: Pre-Token Sale

Pulling from its deep institutional knowledge, extensive connections with top investors in the West and East and a proven track record of running successful token sales, BTC Labs was well positioned to launch the initiative.

MAD worked closely with BTC Labs as the two parties developed a comprehensive network architecture for a new ad tech ecosystem. Leaning on its expansive blockchain knowledge base, the BTC Labs team spent a considerable amount of time researching the mechanics and nuances of the ad tech supply chain. The result was a robust plan for how the advertising economy should operate in a decentralized environment.

An integral component of this new network was an economically sound token design. BTC Labs drew upon its experience in cryptoeconomics to construct the MAD token, an ERC20 equivalent token intended to align stakeholders within the MAD Network, and to allow users to access the network’s privacy features.   

BTC Labs was also instrumental in structuring the MAD token generation event. Everything from the sale timeline, early investor outreach and external community management was done in conjunction with BTC Labs. MAD relied heavily on BTC Labs’ guidance when it came to positioning itself in front of crypto native investors. This collaboration resulted in a successful token generation event and an engaged community.

Simultaneously, BTC Studios worked with BTC Labs and MAD to create a comprehensive pre-token sale marketing and PR campaign that spanned across a range of tactics to garner and grow an engaged community and increase awareness of MAD’s initial coin offering (ICO):

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing and outreach
  • Event intelligence
  • PR
  • Paid digital media advertising

BTC Studios positioned MAD not only as a thought leader in ad tech, paving the way for a more profitable and transparent model than what currently existed, but it also presented MAD as the ad tech solution within BTC Inc’s suite of media software applications.

The concerted efforts from MAD, BTC Labs and BTC Studio yielded an overwhelmingly successful ICO raise of $20 million in Q1 of 2018, and MAD emerged as a pioneer and thought leader in the ad tech space.

The Solution: Post-ICO

As MAD’s successful ICO closed, BTC Studio transitioned to developing a post-ICO marketing strategy, including a virtual summit video series, premium sponsorship at its Distributed Event Series, 24/7 community management and moderation of its social communities. Today, the group is seen as a pioneer in the growing decentralized ad tech space and is in a position to continue leading the space.

Expertise Gained

By approaching the opportunity through a client services lens, BTC Labs and BTC Studio were able to create and deploy a holistic, cross-departmental strategy that maximized both teams’ biggest strengths. For MAD, the result was a highly successful token generation event. For BTC Labs and BTC Studio, the key takeaway was learning how much can be achieved when departments work together to maximize one another’s strengths.