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ENCODE Graphics is a comics publishing art project born out of the depths of cryptocurrencies and #CryptoArt, dedicated to consistency and sustainability, expressing the myths of the crypto scene and the metaverse in narrative form and various artistic representations. The main focus of ENCODE Graphics is not only to provide NFTs, but to connect the world of digital collectibles with the traditional physical world of art and artifacts. Our main intention is to create wonderful COMICS! Furthermore, our goal is not only to bring together well-known and established comic artists from all over the world and unite them in one big project, but rather to support young and upcoming talents in their artistic development. A project that builds bridges between digital and physical artifacts

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Bitcoin Art Gallery

begins : Whale Night June 3
continues : Bitcoin 2021 June 4–5


Venue: Mana Wynwood

Date: 6/4–6/5


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