Giving Back

Bitcoin Amsterdam is proud to partner with Paxful to give back to a number of charitable organisations.

As part of this partnership and to support Paxful's mission to increase financial education, Paxful will be giving away 100 tickets to the conference to underserved communities.

Paxful and Bitcoin Amsterdam have teamed up to provide free conference tickets to members of charitable organizations and individuals active in their local communities. Simply complete this brief application and you could be on your way to The Netherlands!

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The Built With Bitcoin Foundation is a humanitarian organisation devoted to creating equitable opportunity by providing clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming, and humanitarian support—all powered by Bitcoin. The Foundation aims to build 100 schools and communities by 2030.
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Building Communities

Filtration centers have the potential to not only provide people with health benefits, but they also allow communities to have more time to spend with their families, work, or go to school.

All funds raised from Bitcoin 2022 will allow the Built With Bitcoin Foundation to build a water system in Nigeria.

Every Satoshi counts!

More ways to give

Support contributors to Bitcoin and other free and open source projects

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We believe that if a local economy is created with the support of Bitcoin, new opportunities will open up for the community members

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The Human Rights Foundation focuses on countries under authoritarian rule and the people living in these countries.

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Want to learn more?

Take an inside look at some of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation's local communities.