January 6, 2021

With Bitcoin 2021 just under four months away, we want to be as transparent as possible with our attendees on what we are monitoring, as well as what they can expect. Currently, there is more uncertainty than we would like around the potential of Los Angeles allowing in-person events. To be clear, we want to hold this event on the current dates in Los Angeles and will be doing so as long as we are allowed to under local and state law. As the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, and with the incredible momentum around Bitcoin at this moment, we feel a great sense of responsibility to the Bitcoin community to have this event and to make it happen in person.

For that reason and in order to give clarity to our attendees and partners as quickly as possible, we are self-imposing a deadline of January 31 to decide whether to go on as planned, or to announce and implement “Plan B.”

What Is Plan B?

“Plan B” could involve multiple changes to Bitcoin 2021 depending on what would provide the best experience for our community. These could include:

  1. A different date in L.A., or
  2. Moving the event to a completely different state

If Plan B is implemented, we will provide refunds to any attendees unable to attend the new date or locations. 

But no matter what, THIS WILL BE AN IN-PERSON EVENT. In no way are we considering making our celebration of Bitcoin exclusively virtual. Our money may be digital, but our events are not. 

We cannot wait to see everyone! To the moon!

– B21 Team

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Venue: Magic Box @ The Reef (Los Angeles)

Date: 4/30–5/1


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