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Bitcoin 2022 is at the center of something much bigger happening globally. Bitcoin Week exists beyond the Conference as a powerful part of the broader movement towards hyperbitcoinization. We are excited to see Miami Beach as the center of Bitcoin Week 2022 and we welcome contributors from the community to collaborate and facilitate events within the week.

Official Events

In addition to the conference itself, Official Events are put on by the conference team, our partners, and our sponsors. We have verified the content and quality of these events.

Official After Party

To Be Announced

Close out Bitcoin 2022 with a celebration of music, art, and Bitcoin technology. See you on the dance floor with some of our favorite Bitcoiners.

Whale Night

To Be Announced

Whale Night is the premier networking and social event to kick off Bitcoin 2022 following Industry Day. Enjoy a private party dedicated to starting the conference with a bang with live entertainment, an open bar, and hors d’oeuvres (WHALE PASS REQUIRED)

Looking to host an official event?

Looking to reach your target demographic but unsure how? Let us help! We are here to streamline your ability to connect with the attendees.


External Events

This listing below represents an index of the known Bitcoin Week 2022 external events. Individual companies and groups will be hosting satellite events around Bitcoin Week 2022 outside of the conference.

We want attendees to stay up to date with any additional chances to celebrate BTC and engage with the community. Engage with these events at your own risk! These events and their content are not directly affiliated with the Bitcoin 2022 conference. If you'd like to host a Bitcoin 2022 Satellite Event, let us know here through the contact page

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Interested in Hosting an Event During Bitcoin Week?