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Collaborate, Network, Learn

Bringing the Bitcoin Ecosystem Together

Legacy Finance,
& Infrastructure
meet Bitcoin.

What content will be covered?

Content will cover everything from how the legacy financial system, institutions, & infrastructure are colliding with Bitcoin (and where they’re falling short in their strategies), to a detailed exploration of the mining industry, to how the developer community will continue to intersect with both companies and open-source projects.

We will also cover regulatory pain points, forecasts and guidance, compliance costs for companies both large and small, how to fundraise, what to look for when investing, what market opportunities are in need of addressing, and the bigger picture conversation of how this industry will evolve to become the largest and most important sector in the world over the next decade. If you’ve been looking to develop your business, build your network, fund your startup, or just learn about the ecosystem around Bitcoin, Industry Day is a must.

Global industry leaders
Investor Pitch day

The Perfect Opportunity to Connect with the Growing Bitcoin Community

With dedicated tracks for your specific industry, Bitcoin 2022 Industry Day has been designed from the ground up to accelerate the companies that interact with the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Why attend Industry Day?

  • 6,000+ Global Industry Leaders, 80 Speakers, 4,000 Companies, Pitch Day
  • The best Bitcoin B2B opportunity of 2022
  • Bitcoin ecosystem meets legacy finance, fintech and infrastructure
  • High-value networking: Meet and greet with top executives in the Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond, high-net-worth individuals, VCs, funds, family offices, investors and startups
  • Opportunity to meet with hundreds of investors and connectors looking to deploy capital in the space

In Depth Content

  • How to unlock the power of Bitcoin through technologies and financial services
  • Institutional-grade custody
  • Regulations
  • Financial infrastructure
  • Bitcoin-mining-focused tracks and stage
  • Investment pitches, including equity deals as well as financial products
  • Developer-focused tracks and stage (FOSS, Bitcoin Core and beyond)

Pitch Day IS BACK

In addition to showcasing the world’s most important Bitcoin companies and leaders of today, Bitcoin 2022 is also a platform for the next generation of Bitcoin startups to meet, build and get in front of the community.

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