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Connecting Global Blockchain & Crypto Experts Together with Rush49

Rush49 is the premier destination for cryptocurrency and blockchain events worldwide! Our rapidly expanding event coverage spans the world: Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, Miami, New York, London, and more. 

We are unifying the event industry with the latest blockchain technology to increase synergy between all event participants, empower smarter events, & navigate challenges in an emerging industry.

Our team has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017 and are aggressively expanding our presence and team throughout the emerging ecosystem. We are here to help exhibitors navigate the challenges of working in a growing sector fraught with public misinformation and ignorance-based advertising restrictions. We did this for the cannabis industry in its infancy and are adapting and applying those lessons to the blockchain industry.

We are developing our own portfolio, including the launch our own tokens & NFTs through 2022 and beyond. Look for more information about these project launches on our website and social media

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