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Pitch Day

Build and get in front of the community

An Industry Day Exclusive Event -May 18, 2023

In addition to showcasing the world’s most important Bitcoin companies and leaders of today, Bitcoin 2023 is also a platform for the next generation of Bitcoin startups to meet, build and get in front of the community. In support of the upcoming generation of builders, we will be giving a platform for early-stage teams to put their ideas and products to the test in a pitch day format.

If you are interested in being considered for a slot on stage, we encourage you to apply here for Pitch Day at Bitcoin 2023! Parameters for participants are open and flexible, so feel free to apply whether you are an individual with an idea, a company raising a Series B round, or somewhere in between.

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Past Judges

Involved judges have included the top venture investors in the Bitcoin space along with executives from Technology companies looking to adopt Bitcoin internally.

Draper Ventures
Pantera Capital
Fulger Ventures
Castle Island Ventures


Flew all the way from India for Bitcoin 2022 pitch day. It was well organized and there were some fantastic pitches out there. We got great investor connections and strategic partnerships with other companies.

— Roshan Aslam, GoSats

It was a privilege to participate in Pitch Day at Bitcoin 2022. The opportunity offers exposure to high-profile investors and was the catalyst for discussions with many other venture capitalists. The production team was very professional and it was a lot fun speaking on stage. If you are a founder ready to raise capital, I encourage you to apply as it was an amazing experience for our whole team.

— Paul Y. Morris, Guardrail Mining, Inc.

It was fun! Several people have mentioned that they first learned about Stacker News from Pitch Day, including investors. Getting to present at Bitcoin 2022 really helped me feel like Stacker News had landed.

— Keyan Kousha, Stacker News

As a pleb, I didn't have industry connections, but participating in Pitch Day was the perfect way to meet and bond with investors and innovators who care as much about bitcoin & the lightning network as I do. Pitching and even public speaking in general is so far out of my comfort zone, but everyone was incredibly kind and supportive. I'm so glad I got to share the deeply personal journey that led to Pouch becoming the first lightning wallet for the Philippines. Thanks so much to the Bitcoin Magazine team for the opportunity!

— Ethan Rose, Pouch

The Lightning pitch session was electric. The companies are building innovative products to solve real world problems. It was both a treat and challenge to judge because the participants set and met such a high bar.

— Rohit Dave (Judge), CashApp

The startups at the pitch day competition were impressive and focused on some innovative use cases. Overall, the experience of judging with the other judges and interacting with the startups was very fruitful.

— Paul Veradittakit (Judge), Pantera Capital