Our mission is to accelerate Hyperbitcoinization through our products and brands. Growing from the first dedicated information provider in the nascent Bitcoin community into a leading voice for the technology, BTC Inc has been ever-present in supporting and evangelizing the decentralized future. Across our brands and products, we are singularly focused on hyperbitcoinization — the moment Bitcoin becomes the default value system of the world. Bitcoin has opened the door to a global digital system that offers everyone worldwide equal opportunity to the same tools of wealth, freedom from third-party arbiters to transfer this wealth however they like, and an unprecedented chance to capitalize on their creative potential. Bitcoin has kickstarted the new industrial revolution and an economic golden age.

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  • All people have the capacity to envision a better reality for themselves. We all create value when we actualize that improved vision so, in essence, we're all entrepreneurs. Therefore, it's imperative that all people have access to the tools and systems of creation, such as trade, financing, identity, contracts, etc. Entrepreneurs are self-starters — we actively seek solutions and are ultimately accountable only to ourselves. Failure is the process by which we iteratively discover success. Our desired destination is impossibly ambitious, but the path begins with a single step.
  • The entire world is digitizing and this necessitates trustless systems and purely digital value. Like water rolling down a hill, the adoption of this technology is an inevitability. That is why we take a long-term view of our work, remain scrappy and prioritize products and services that are resilient to market cycles.
  • Nobody can predict the future, so we always keep an open mind. It is often impossible to know if or when an idea becomes viable or whether a mutation will be a beneficial trait. We listen to our customers and remain open to wildly ambitious ideas, but don't buy into hype. Our company is constantly evolving and adapting to crypto ecosystems, and we will always be nimble and engage in continuous, constant improvement.
  • We know that our reputation is our most valuable long-term asset. We always prioritize the customer and think from their perspectives. We value quality over quantity and are quick to recognize mistakes and address problems to ensure client satisfaction. We have fostered a culture that values employees and considers a win for one to be a win for all.
Bitcoin Only
Bitcoin is an ideological journey, and everyone is on their own path. Our goal is to help them along, not confuse or deter them. What Bitcoin is and how it will impact the world is continuing to evolve. We will remain focused on building bridges so that people can experience the world Bitcoin empowers and avoid burning bridges where people remain powerless - Big picture, low time preference
Individuals not Identities
Bitcoin is inclusive. Bitcoin does not care what your gender, color, sexual or political preferences are because it is for everyone. Treat people as humans, not as identities tied to some feature, ideology, or previous experience - Respect and Empower Everyone
Value Creation not Virtue Signaling
Bitcoin is relentless in its pursuit. If it doesn't move the needle, don't do it. Wage war against mediocrity and incrementalism. All productive and creative output should optimize our missional flight path to create value, not virtue signal to please people - Laser focused on Mission
Be Prudent
Bitcoin is scarce, and so are company resources. Treat our resources like you would your own. Be prudent and sensible when it comes to spending so that we can control our own destiny (Please do not sell company chairs) - Stack Sats Mentality
Be Anti-Fragile
Bitcoin is secure and grows stronger by the day, and we aim to imitate that. We ask teams to check their ego at the door. Invite critical feedback into your world, treat it like soil for personal growth, and gift it to others in a productive manner - Iron Sharpens Iron
Promote Freedom
Bitcoin represents Freedom at the base layer, and as a company, we feel our culture should reflect Freedom at the base layer too. Structure a life that allows you to be free, authentic, have fun, and remain fearless - Live a Permission-less Life

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