Introducing the Bitcoin 2024 Maker Space: A New Frontier for Bitcoin Builders

Introducing the Bitcoin 2024 Maker Space

A New Frontier for Bitcoin Builders


New for this year, the Maker Space is a dedicated hub on the expo hall floor showcasing the latest projects from budding developers, makers, and hackers building on bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Conference has always sought to explore new frontiers.

As hosts of the largest global Bitcoin gathering in the world, we see our role as both a mirror and a conduit for the bitcoin community. When we see a growing trend or a new type of builder emerging, we seek to build an in-person experience so that attendees can showcase, network, and self-organize to push bitcoin to new heights.

In 2019, we introduced the Bitcoin Art Gallery, the first dedicated art gallery showcasing physical & digital bitcoin art.

In 2021, we held our first Pitch Day event where founders from around the world gathered to pitch their bitcoin startups to leading investors.

And in 2022, we introduced the Bitcoin Bazaar, a dedicated peer-to-peer marketplace for the emerging class of bitcoin merchants to sell their products to attendees directly for bitcoin via the lightning network.

However throughout this process we’ve seen an exciting new type of builder emerging. We’ve hosted and seen submissions for a variety of projects including bitcoin powered car chargers, custom bitcoin guitars, 3D printing products, mining space heaters, and even bitcoin native arcade games.

These hackers, makers, scientists, coders, creatives, inventors, and DIY enthusiasts fit in a class of their own entirely. They represent a cross-disciplinary approach between science, art, technology, and a permissionless DIY attitude that only bitcoiners can bring to the table.

That is why as of today, we are accepting applications to the Bitcoin 2024 Maker Space to showcase and accelerate these projects.

Concept Booth for Makers Space

What is the Maker Space?

The Maker Space is a dedicated hub on the expo hall floor featuring booths, workshop tables, and presentations dedicated to showcasing the latest projects from developers, makers, and hackers building on bitcoin.

Located between the Open Source Stage and the Bitcoin Art Gallery, the maker space is positioned squarely at the infamous intersection of art and technology.

Who should Submit?

This year we are looking to fill around 16 booth spaces that will be curated by our team. We are seeking applications for projects including but not limited to:

  • Software Projects
  • Bitcoin Games
  • 3D Printing
  • Seedphrase Solutions
  • NOSTR Projects
  • Raspberry Pi / Arduino Projects
  • Early-Stage Startups
  • Hardware Project
  • Software Libraries
  • New Protocols
  • Bitcoin Powered Vehicles
  • DIY Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Bitcoin Gadgets
  • Academic Researchers
  • VR Projects
  • Bitcoin Data Visualization
  • Research projects

These categories are just a few jumping off points. We encourage you to submit your project even if it doesn’t fall into one of these categories. 

What does the Future look like?

We want this to be an active space for collaboration. One of the main benefits of attending an in-person event is the ability to get hands on with new projects and meet the people building them. If you would like to volunteer or get involved please contact us.

Over the years at the Bitcoin Conference we have seen countless companies have been born, investments have been made, and real partnerships forged. Our hope is that the Maker Space brings new energy to the expo hall floor and continues our mission of bringing bitcoin to new audiences.