What DOES #FreeMoney MEAN TO YOU?

#Freemoney in 101 words — bitcoin 2019

Freedom is the most fundamental human right, and a core tenant of that right is the ability to assign, exchange and create value in whatever way you see fit, as long as you’re not infringing on another’s freedom.

#FreeMoney is about just that — giving people the freedom to participate in the world of value around them. That means the freedom to build financial systems that work for you and opt out of ones that seek to disadvantage you. Bitcoin is a global system of value that seeks to do just that.

Come help us build it.

Come help us #FreeMoney.


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Take a video of yourself explaining what #FreeMoney means to you and post from your Twitter account. To be eligible for the promotion please use the hashtag #freemoney and #bitcoin2019 and make sure and tag the conference account @bitcoin2019conf so we can message you your discount code.

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We've rented out 4 billboards around the San Francisco area leading up to the Bitcoin 2019 conference. As the community uncovers their locations, participants who take their video in front of these billboards are eligible for a FREE ticket to Bitcoin 2019.

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Growth Hack Bitcoin Games Virtual Hackathon

Growth Hack



Focusing on media and content creation, the Growth Hack asks participants to create the most compelling video commercial for the entirety of the Bitcoin community. Participants will have 10 weeks to produce a "Superbowl ad," 30 to 60 seconds in length, that demonstrates the team’s passion for bringing Bitcoin to the masses. Individual as well as team submissions will be accepted for this challenge.

Lightning Hack Bitcoin Games Virtual Hackathon

Lightning Hack



This hack is intended to stimulate growth and adoption of the Lightning Network by mobilizing developers of all types to iterate and innovate upon this technology. Showcase the power of instant, free transactions and help build the future of the Lightning Network by continuing to build upon its existing implementations.

Liquid Hack



The Liquid Hackathon gives developers a chance to familiarise themselves with the powerful features Liquid has to offer, while supporting user adoption with the development of Liquid-based applications. From new smart contract-based Bitcoin derivatives to asset swap platforms, the sky’s the limit with the solutions contestants come up with. Individual as well as team submissions will be accepted.

Bitcoin Games Virtual Hackathon TBA


Want to support the Bitcoin Games by sponsoring a prize for a new or existing hack? Have developer tools or resources that you’d like to make available to hackers throughout the event? Contact us to collaborate, start a hack or support a hack.

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