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Thank you for your interest in the Bitcoin 2022 conference and for requesting a Letter of Invitation to our event. The Letter of Invitation will be personally addressed to you, and it will be your responsibility to submit it to the corresponding embassy located in your country during your visa application process. In order to issue a Letter of Invitation, we require proof of registration to the Bitcoin 2022 event.

Should your visa application to the United States be denied, we will issue a refund in the amount paid for your event ticket with proof of a denied application. In order to receive a full refund, please notify us prior to March 20, 2022.

We will email you a PDF copy of your Letter of Invitation within one to seven calendar days of completing the below form. We require you to submit the following information in order to facilitate your request:

As Travel to the U.S. Currently Stands

All air passengers coming to the U.S., including U.S. citizens, are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board a flight to the U.S. Read more here. The U.S. does not mandate a period of quarantine upon entering the country. The State of Florida and the City of Miami have no additional restrictions outside of federal guidelines. Existing Presidential proclamations have established restrictions on entry into the U.S. of travelers coming directly from certain territories. You can find a full list of restricted territories here. If you reside in one of these territories, you may need to spend 14 days in a non-restricted territory before entering the U.S.

Thank you for your submission. If seven calendar days have passed and you have not received your Letter of Invitation, or if you need to request a refund in the case of a denied visa application, please contact john@btcmedia.org

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