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One of the most widely anticipated and covered Bitcoin Conference events, Pitch Day is bringing together the top founders, projects and developers at Bitcoin 2024.

Compete across 6 categories of startups to be crowned the top project and get access to capital allocators supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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Submission Deadline

June 7th

Click HERE to apply for Pitch Day at Bitcoin 2024. Parameters for participants are open and flexible, so feel free to apply whether you are an individual with an idea, a company raising a Series B round, or anywhere in between.


May 30th - June 15th

Once the initial application period has closed, Bitcoin Magazine will carefully review all entries and select the most promising pitches based on criteria such as innovation, feasibility, and potential for growth. Each track of Pitch Day will assess factors unique to the applicant’s specific market segment.

The review process will consist of meeting with relevant judges to assess suitability, and applicants will be notified via email regarding selection to participate in Pitch Day on-site in Nashville at Bitcoin 2024.


JULY 25-27TH

The selected candidates will have the opportunity to present their pitches at Bitcoin 2024 to a panel of judges at our Pitch Day competition. During this exciting event, finalists will have ten minutes to make their pitch and answer questions from the judges. The judges will then evaluate the pitches and choose the winners based on their creativity, clarity, and viability. The winners will be announced at the end of the event and will receive a number of prizes to help bring their ideas to life.

Do you actively allocate capital in the Bitcoin ecosystem and want to be considered for participation as a judge? Register your interest HERE and our team will be in touch!



The Layer 2 + Scaling Track is looking for the best Layer 2 and Scaling proposals to increase Bitcoin’s throughput and capabilities including novel uses of the Lightning Network and highlighting the growth bridging technologies.


The Ordinals Track is bringing together the top Ordinals technology providers, projects and companies dedicated to expanding the Ordinals ecosystem.


Bitcoin Mining + Energy are taking the stage at Bitcoin 2024 Pitch Day, showcasing the cutting edge of mining and energy innovation including software, infrastructure, and energy systems applications integrating bitcoin mining.


The Bitcoin Alpha Competition, sponsored by Samara Alpha Management, is back – setting out to identify the next top Bitcoin fund manager to offer $1 million USD in seed capital to deploy their strategy.

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Open Source technology lies at the core of the Bitcoin mission, and we are bringing together the top Open Source developers and leaders to showcase their vision and find support for building critical tools to the Bitcoin space.


Locals Only will feature the top Nashville-based Bitcoin startups, highlighting Nashville as a Bitcoin hub and putting it on the map as a premiere location for Bitcoin builders.

Past Winners

Bitcoin Alpha Competition winner
Received $1m USD in seed capital, operational infrastructure from Samara Alpha Management

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