Bitcoin Magazine is pleased to welcome press and media from all around the world for its European side event, Bitcoin Amsterdam.

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We’re bringing the most covered Bitcoin conference of all time to Europe.

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Bitcoin Amsterdam Media Pass Includes:

  • Full Media room access
  • Access to interview willing speakers, sponsors, CEOs, and celebrities
  • Access to private interview areas 
  • Private media entrance to the venue
  • Front row seating to panels

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Media Partners At Bitcoin Amsterdam

Past Bitcoin Conference Media Attendees

A Deeper Dive Into Bitcoin 2022


Attendees, the largest Bitcoin Conference Ever


Global Media Outlets Represented


Companies Represented

Over 300 Million

Global media impressions across four days

More Than 80

Announcements made on site from the largest companies in the industry

With Over 800

Media attendees visiting from all over the world


Kevin O’Leary

Investor And Shark Tank TV Personality

"The place was like Woodstock. It went from being a niche, tiny little vertical to mainstream. Mainstream press, mainstream politicians, mainstream investors, institutional investors, mainstream everything for those three days."

Cynthia Lummis

U.S. Senator

“What I saw at Bitcoin 2022 was a counter-culture centered on freedom. To the moon indeed.”

Alex Gladstein

Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation

"The Bitcoin Conference is one of the world’s best events for human rights advocates to attend. Here they can learn about new ways to achieve financial freedom, network with potential supporters, and learn about how dissidents worldwide are using Bitcoin as freedom money"

Tim Draper


"It is so great to be in the free country of Miami, I’m so thrilled, 60,000 people, a lot of activity, a lot of forward-thinking people, this is exciting as it gets."