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The Whale Pass

The Whale Pass is an all-inclusive VIP ticket that opens the door to our all-new Backstage VIP experience.

The ultra VIP Experience for Whale Pass Holders at Bitcoin 2024!

You will join us BACKSTAGE inside the Deep Backstage, the epicenter of high signal networking and laidback luxury.

The Whale Pass is the most exclusive ticket in the Bitcoin Conference ecosystem, offering an all-inclusive, VIP experience thoughtfully curated by the Whale Services team. When you purchase a Whale Pass you unlock access to the exclusive Backstage VIP lounge, Whale Night Sunset Rooftop Party to network and party in style, Whale-Only content sessions, elevated opportunities and invites, luxury hotel options, dedicated Whale Services Liaisons and much more.

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The VIP Backstage Lounge

At Bitcoin 2024, our Whale Pass brand is running it back with our premier VIP BACKSTAGE experience for our Whale Pass holders!

The Deep Backstage is an exclusive VIP Lounge at the heart of the conference behind the Main Stage! Whale Pass holders will be able to gather, network, relax, eat, drink and engage in Whale-Only Content Sessions.

Centrally located to the keynote stage, your VIP experience will be located at the pulse of the conference and, ultimately, one of the best networking areas, enabling you to connect with investors, speakers, HNWI, celebrities, politicians, heads of state and Bitcoiners from around the world.


Designed to be a personalised, all-inclusive experience, the Whale Pass allows you to explore the conference with increased comfort, luxury and flexibility while opening the door to our VIP Backstage Lounge area, Industry Day, Pitch Day, Whale Night, VIP seating, exclusive luxury hotel offerings, and more.

Dedicated Registration

Skip the lines! Dedicated Whale queue into the convention center through the main entrance.


Gourmet breakfast, lunch and snacks provided throughout the day offering a versatile menu including top-shelf open bars and full service baristas.


Whale Pass holders gain exclusive access to RSVP to the official B24 After Party.


The Whale Pass at Bitcoin 2024 gives you access to our brand new VIP Backstage Lounge! This is a dedicated Whale-Only space for curated content sessions, networking and relaxing.

Premium VIP Seating

Gain valuable market insights, learn from experienced entrepreneurs, and understand regulatory and legal aspects of the bitcoin space.


Make the most of your time at Bitcoin 2024 with support from our orange-glove liaison team leading up to the event and on-site. Access to additional local VIP concierge services to secure dinner reservations, bottle service and the complete Nashville experience.

Solidify Authority

Sponsoring a Bitcoin conference places your brand where enthusiasts, developers, and investors converge. Sponsorship solidifies your industry authority, gaining media coverage and peer recognition. This exposure attracts talents to your company and reinforces your standing.


Forge a bond between your Bitcoin enterprise and conferences to boost credibility. This trust sways businesses (B2B) and potential clients (B2C) to engage with your brand, fostering relationships.

Content Opportunities

Seize social media opportunities during conferences. Encourage attendees to interact online, tapping into user-generated Bitcoin content that showcases your brand. This boosts online presence and engagement.

Reinforce Your Image

Sponsorship showcases dedication to the Bitcoin ecosystem. This commitment reinforces your positive image among peers and the community as a whole.



The Whale Pass opens the door to connections with like-minded Whales who share the same interests and goals as you.

Our Whale Pass brings investors, entrepreneurs, founders, executives, industry experts, speakers, sponsors, politicians, heads of state, and OGs of the Bitcoin space together to collaborate, network, learn and relax.

The Deep Backstage is the place where deals are made, companies are born, investors are connected and Whale Pass holders are integrated into the Bitcoin ecosystem even further.



if paid with bitcoin

  • Access to Industry Day and Pitch Day
  • Admission to GA Day 1 & 2
  • Exclusive access to the VIP Backstage Lounge
  • Entry into Whale Night Networking Reception
  • All-Inclusive Premium Food & Open Bar
  • Whale-Only content sessions & networking opportunities
  • Preferred seating at Bitcoin 2023 stages
  • Dedicated registration options for quick entry
  • Dedicated Whale Services Liaisons
  • Whale-Only luxury hotel options
  • NEW! Ability to connect with other Whale Pass & Industry Pass holders via B23 app
  • Access to Industry Day and Pitch Day
  • Admission to GA Day 1 & 2
  • Exclusive access to VIP Whale-Only lounges
  • Entry into Whale Night
  • All-Inclusive Premium Food & Open Bar in The Deep
  • Whale-Only content sessions & networking opportunities
  • Preferred seating at Bitcoin 2023 stages
  • Dedicated registration options for quick entry
  • Dedicated Whale Services Liaisons
  • Whale-Only luxury hotel options
  • NEW! Ability to connect with other Whale Pass & Industry Pass holders via B23 app
  • All the benefits of Industry Pass plus unique Whale Pass benefits including:
  • All Access Pass to All 3 days
  • Exclusive access to The Deep Backstage VIP Lounge
  • Premium VIP Seating at main stage
  • All-Inclusive Premium Food, Open Bar & Coffee Bar
  • Intimate Whale-Only content sessions backstage with top speakers
  • Dedicated Registration for quick entry
  • Exclusive Access to Whale Night Sunset Rooftop Party
  • Exclusive invite to the Official After Party (RSVP required)
  • Ability to connect & schedule meetings with other Whale Pass and Industry Pass holders via B24 app
  • Curated recommendations for Nashville outings
  • Complimentary wellness and relaxation activities
  • Dedicated Whale Services Liaisons
  • Discounted Whale-Only luxury hotel options
  • Art Gallery Exclusive Early Access


Whale Only Curated Content Sessions & Networking

The Deep Sessions stage is the highest signal platform for invaluable facetime with the movers and shakers of our industry. You’ll have exclusive, intimate access to Fireside chats, Meet-and-Greets, Q&A’s, educational workshops and book signings inside The Deep Backstage with industry experts, speakers, and sponsors. We’ll be inviting some of the Main Stage Speakers to the VIP Backstage Lounge for exclusive opportunities to ask your burning questions, hear their inside takes and engage in an intimate setting.

We know when we connect smart minds together it becomes a net positive for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Whale Night

Sunset Rooftop Party


Whale Night is the most exclusive event at Bitcoin 2024 designed to be a fun, swanky night of letting loose and networking in style.With one of the best views of Broadway in the background, Whales will enjoy a relaxed yet upscale sunset rooftop party with open bar, passed hors-d'oeuvres, live performances and, most importantly, plenty of opportunities for powerful conversations.

Whale Night is THE place to be to engage in world-class networking with Bitcoin Whales from around the world!

**This is an exclusive Whale-only event and will require a Whale Pass for entry. Details TBA.


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