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Mana Wynwood


June 4–5

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The Biggest Bitcoin Event In History Is Getting More Sophisticated

Bitcoin 2021 brought the entire Bitcoin community under one roof. Bitcoin 2022 will be even bigger.

Join us for 2022 as we open our doors to the international Bitcoin community and double down on industry-specific content focused on mass Bitcoin adoption and hyperbitcoinization.

Please contact sales@b.tc to get a link to our media kit to view all available opportunities.

The Bitcoin Ecosystem

This year we are not only tripling our attendance, but we’re segmenting our approach per industry vertical within the Bitcoin ecosystem, including:

Institutional Finance
- Banking
- VCs
- Firms
- Family offices
- Trusts/ETFs
- Market Makers
- Broker-Dealers
- Liquidity Providers
- Prime Lenders And Traders
- Tax Advisors
- Regulators
- Asset Managers/RIAs
- Insurance Companies
- Endowments
- Pension Funds
- Corporate Adoption (Treasuries)

- The Entire Bitcoin Mining Ecosystem
- Manufacturers
- Operators
- Pools
- Hosting
- Power Management Providers
- Cooling Solutions
- Software Solutions

Bitcoin Endemic Companies
- Exchanges
- Wallets
- Hardware
- Lightning
- Open Source

- Payment Rails And APIs
- Custody And Sub-Custody
- Payment Processors
- Mining Infrastructure
- Credit/Debit Cards
- AML Compliance
- Settlement
- Information Services
- Developers

New-To-Bitcoin Companies And Consumers
All new companies announcing their arrival into Bitcoin, or looking to get into Bitcoin.

Who Attends?

35,000+ Attendees, 3,500+ Attending Companies

Sector Breakdown

A quick breakdown of the various industries represented at the Bitcoin 2021 conference and festival

The Perfect Opportunity To Connect With The Growing Bitcoin Community

With dedicated tracks for your specific industry, Bitcoin 2022 has been designed from the ground up to accelerate the companies that interact with the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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  • Network with thousands of global industry leaders
  • Increase your brand’s visibility and get in front of 35K+ bitcoin users at the most culturally-relevant event of the year
  • Distinguish your brand identity as a Bitcoin company and innovator
  • Millions of eyeballs focused on this event globally
  • Schedule unlimited in-person meetings through our exclusive app
  • Get important facetime with clients and partners that isn’t the same on a Zoom call
  • Meet with hundreds of investors and connectors looking to deploy capital in the space
  • Join thought leaders and create a compelling story through our private content offerings
  • Give your biggest announcements and updates the stage presence they deserve through industry-specific stages with the right audience at the right time
  • Get the ROI you need, and fuel your pipeline with our premium meeting spaces
  • Get your story out there by tapping into the hundreds of media outlets present at the event
  • Reward your employees with the most unique experience of the year. Team build, network, learn and have a blast while making Bitcoin history
  • Hire from a pool of energetic professionals who want to be in this industry, taking advantage of the greatest quality of prospective hires in 2022
  • Develop your relationship with the hardcore Bitcoin audience in a brand-safe way
  • Avoid FOMO and move your business forward with the largest event in Bitcoin!


Kevin O’Leary

Investor And Shark Tank TV Personality

"The place was like Woodstock. It went from being a niche, tiny little vertical to mainstream. Mainstream press, mainstream politicians, mainstream investors, institutional investors, mainstream everything for those three days."

Tim Draper


“It is so great to be in the free country of Miami, I’m so thrilled, 60,000 people, a lot of activity, a lot of forward-thinking people, this is exciting as it gets."

Miami Beach Convention Center

April 6-9, 2022

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