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Martin Lukas Ostachowski

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German geometric abstraction artist Martin Lukas Ostachowski lives and works in Sherbrooke, Quebec in Canada. Geometric abstraction, minimalism and the use of technology are constants in his visual narrative. His paper paintings combine traditional with modern arts and crafts processes such as weaving, hand-cutting and laser-cutting and embrace technology to varying degrees. In addition to traditional mediums, he experiments with digital and generative art such as algorithm-based visualizations. His current body of work explores the architecture of blockchain technology through the subject of clouds. The continuous transformation of clouds in the sky have fascinated him as a traveler for a long time. Their aesthetics combined with their deep symbolism throughout cultures and time are a constant source of inspiration and a subject he explores through a wide range of physical and digital mediums. His solo exhibition entitled "Tropopause Contemplation - Blockchain Technology and Inclusive Decentralization" was one of the first blockchain-themed solo exhibitions in North America last year.

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