MARCH 6, 2020

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Whale Night

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A Night of Networking and Fun to Kick Off Bitcoin 2020

Poker • Executive Networking • Open Bar

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Whale Night
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Bitcoin 2020 Whale Night

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Bitcoin 2020 Whale Night will be an evening of networking, games and collaboration among the Bitcoin industry’s leaders and influencers. This celebration will kick off Bitcoin 2020 with hearty hors d'oeuvres, drinks and a splash of uninhibited behavior that will be sure to get everyone in a festive spirit for the weekend. Come meet the people and companies you’ve been waiting to talk to in a more intimate and relaxed setting! Join us as a whale for the night!

What to Expect

Executive Networking

Connect with the most innovative Bitcoin leaders and creators in an intimate environment

Meet and capitalize on business development opportunities with high-net-worth individuals, leaders in venture capital, institutional investors and decision makers representing mining, finance and enterprise service provider sectors.


Bitcoin is FUN!

Bitcoin is not like other groundbreaking technologies… it’s more fun! And no Bitcoin banquet would be complete without performers, digital entertainment, casino games or other diversions. Maybe a mentalist will show up and guess your private keys, or a magician will pull a lambo out of a hat. Who knows? Just rest assured that Whale Night will be every bit as fun as Bitcoin itself.

Delicious Food

One thing about whales: they’re always hungry

No fancy event would be complete without a lot of delicious, bite-sized food. Are we going to provide steak and lobster? Probably not. More like dozens of tapas to make sure that you have something to do with your hands. So maybe make some dinner plans too, just in case.

Live Auction

Bid on top art pieces and special Bitcoin items

Do you have more bitcoin than everyone else? Are you a great purveyor of arts looking for top-notch talent? Then come bid on pieces of Bitcoin beauty and history. A select few of the Bitcoin Art Gallery’s unique masterpieces will be auctioned off live at Whale Night.

Special Presentation

Hear from someone you’ve probably never heard from before

While this is primarily a networking event, we do want to provide some content too. After all, the most important people in Bitcoin will be here and it’s a great opportunity to collaborate on a narrative for the rest of the year. We promise it will be valuable.

Interested in Sponsoring Whale Night?

Are you looking to target a bunch of bitcoin whales with your product? Looking for funding or maybe just want to get your new brand out there? We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available.

Contact our sales team to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

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