MARCH 6, 2020

The Bitcoin Games Are Back!

Last year, we hosted the inaugural Bitcoin Games virtual hackathon and saw an avalanche of incredible submissions from all around the world. This year, we are trying something a little different with help from all of you!

We've crafted a handful of competitions to put Bitcoiners to the test, asking them to submit new or previously-built projects that propel our favorite technology forward in distinct ways. We’ve opened submissions for the challenges below and the Bitcoin community will be voting for their favorite solution in each category. Winners will be announced via our conference social handles.


** Submissions are open until March 9, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CST**



Bitcoin Prototype

(Best Bitcoin App)
Is there something you feel is missing or could be made better for any hardware in the Bitcoin ecosystem? Got a cool idea for a Lightning app? See a need for improvement on Layer 2? Have you designed or built an application around Bitcoin recently? We want to see it!

Example Bitcoin Prototype submissions include:

- Protocol improvements
- UX/UI prototypes
- Working code
- Physical products
- Handy developer tools

We don't want to put too many restraints on this category — after all, Bitcoin is open to all — so we'll let your inner creativity guide the way.


Design your Dream Citadel

(HODL Castle)
Bitcoin is on the moon, your hard-earned HODLing has paid off and you are designing your ideal citadel.

Maybe this dream is so real for you that you’ve already got some renderings in SketchUp, Revit or AutoCAD, or maybe you’re dreaming big but know you can get your vision across on a napkin. Maybe you're ready to boot up that old copy of The Sims and get designing.

Submissions in any stage of development or media will be accepted, just make sure your citadel is sovereign.


Political Campaign Ad

(Best Commercial)
One of the best features of Bitcoin is that it doesn't ask you to trust a central authority or politician — unlike the world's fiat financial system. But what would it look like if Bitcoin was running for president? What kind of promises could it make? What could its platform include? Who are its main opponents and detractors?

Our challenge to you is to direct a campaign-style commercial encouraging people to Vote Bitcoin 2020! Remember, voting can mean many things and Bitcoin is international — we want to you to get creative with the message.


Bitcoin T-Shirt

(Print A Meme)
Bitcoiners understand the power of a good t-shirt. Wearing your favorite slogan, meme or design can broadcast your message to the world and provide a signal for what you value most.

We want you to design the next great Bitcoin t-shirt — one that will set fashion forward while conveying the tenets and culture that this technology has engendered.

Please submit your project files in the form below (PS, AI, SVG, EPS)


What Is Included In The Grand Prize?

For each of the challenge categories above, there will be one lucky winner who will claim a swag bag of Bitcoin paraphernalia totaling $3,500 in value. This won't be decided by us, we’ll let the Bitcoin community decide who takes it all by voting on Twitter. We might be adding some more prizes along the way, but thanks to generous donations from our sponsors and community members, the winner of each challenge category will take home: 

  • First edition Bitcoin Magazine and t-shirt ($1,500 value)
  • Tickets to Bitcoin 2020 and Whale Night (March 26th to 28th in San Francisco, a $849 value)
  • A bitcoin mining rig ($120 value) 
  • Signed copy of "The Little Bitcoin Book" by Jimmy Song
  • Billfodl recovery seed backup device ($55 value)
  • CypherSafe CypherWheel ($200)
  • CoolWallet S ($99 value)
  • A nodl personal node ($499 value)*
  • Ledger ($59)
  • Trezor Model T ($169.99)


What Do I Include In My Project Submission? 

Please include a GitHub link, YouTube link, video file, graphic, abstract or additional relevant documentation for your project. Please note that there is an upload limit of 4 MB.

What If I Can’t Make It To Bitcoin 2020? 

Don’t worry, we won’t give away your prize. We’ll just send it the old-fashioned way. (We’ll try to give winners  advanced notice so that they can arrange travel.)

What Are The Judging Criteria? 

Simple: The opinion of the Bitcoin community is the only criterion for this contest. We’ll be asking the community to vote for their favorite submission in each challenge via Twitter. The voting period will last approximately one week and will take place following the submission deadline.

Where/How Will Winners Be Announced?

Winners will be announced on stage at Bitcoin 2020 as well as on Twitter.

Whart Are The Submission Deadlines?

Submissions are now through 11:59 p.m. CT on March 9, 2020.

Can I Submit A Project I've Already Built?

All that we ask is that you submit a project that is your own work and does not violate any creative or property rights.

What Do I Include in My Submission

Remember, submit your project before the submission deadline on March 9, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Submit a Project

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